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Spring brings a distinct feel to the air, and a certain set of flavors and foods back to our tables. Salads reemerge and grills are notably placed back outside. As warmer weather approaches, we like to lighten our meals using olive oil. A kitchen staple due to its incredible taste and nutrient-rich nature, olive oil is a great addition to any spring meal.

Olive oil not only easily elevates any basic dish, it helps you cut back on unhealthy saturated fats without sacrificing flavor. Try incorporating olive oil in some of your favorite spring foods, including:

  • Salad dressings – Use an olive oil-based dressing to add an extra burst of nutrients to any salad. Simply mix in some lemon zest, garlic and a pinch of salt to NAR Gourmet’s Lemon Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a classic spring dressing.
  • Dips and appetizers – Blend olive oil in any dip to create an extra smooth texture, or go basic with some lightly toasted bread drizzled with NAR Gourmet’s Garlic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt to make an impressive starter to any meal. 
  • Marinades - Olive oil makes a great addition to any marinade whether it’s for meat or vegetables. Drizzle some over your grilled or baked dish to add extra flavor. NAR Gourmet’s Basil Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Pepper Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil, for example, take any dish from basic to brilliant.

As the air gets warmer and days get longer, try using olive oil in your everyday cooking to celebrate the end of winter. Olive oil’s delicate yet distinct flavor is a true palate pleaser, and adds a splash of spring to your meals!